University Economics

There is an interesting piece over at VOX (hat tip - Graham Brownlow) asking whether economics undergraduates are being well trained - click here.  There are at least six things which stand out for me in this piece.

1. Economics degrees need some economic history - economic history asks the big questions that need to asked.
2. There is too much of a focus on mathematics rather than economic intuition.
3. There is an overemphasis on econometric theory at the expense of analysing real data.
4. Econ graduates know very little about institutions and workings of the actual economy.  For example, they know very little about finance, banking, and the monetary system.
5. There needs to be more heterodoxy e.g., networks
6. Graduates have little in the way of well-developed communication and presentation skills.

I totally agree with these critiques, and I am proud to say that these criticisms cannot be levelled against the graduates that Queen's University Management School produces - particularly those on the BSc Finance (but I would say that!).

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