Finance is Beautiful!

Robert Shiller has written an op-ed piece in City A.M., where he talks about the importance and beauty of finance (hat tip - Graham Brownlow).  Shiller has a unique vision for the future of finance as you will see from the quotes below taken from his op-ed.
There is still work to do in making finance into a more effective tool for advancing our fundamental goals. Finance needs to be democratised, to serve all the people more effectively than it has been. It needs to be humanised, so that it respects human values, and human foibles, in a grander design for society. Financial innovations, from practitioners, self regulatory organisations and government regulators, are still needed.
Young people who feel a moral obligation to exert leadership for positive good in society should well consider finance as a field to enter now. It puts them on the cutting edge where human activities are moulded and directed, it gets them involved in the minutiae of activities that are privately valued, but often little talked about in most public discourse, and in opportunities to improve these activities. And there is real beauty in doing that.

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