Exiting the EU?

Three former Chancellors of the Exchequer have been calling for the UK to exit the EU - Lord Lawson (story here), Lord Lamont (story here), and Lord Healey (story here). Add these calls to the electoral pressure from UKIP, and one can foresee the Conservatives being forced to offer an in-out referendum to the UK electorate.

The ongoing euro crisis is also fueling anti-EU sentiment across Europe, with political tensions between member states mounting and the Franco-German relationship under severe strain. Surprisingly, Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro and was described by The Sun in 1998 as the most dangerous man in Europe (click here), has recently called for its break up before tensions and economies within Europe deteriorate even more (story here). The euro could be the undoing of the EU project.    

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