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St Patrick's Confessio

Today is St Patrick's Day. There are many myths and legends surrounding Patrick, but thankfully he left us several writings. The most famous writing of all is the Confessio of St Patrick which speaks of his life and spiritual journey. The Confessio is available here in the original Latin, English, Irish, German, and Italian.  Happy St Patrick's Day!

Making Economics Pluralist - The Glasgow Economic Forum

On Saturday I had the great privilege of contributing to the Glasgow Economic Forum , which is an annual event run by and for undergraduate students at the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. I gave a lecture about my book Banking in Crisis and was part of a panel discussion (along with Nick Crafts, Catherine Schenk and Duncan Ross - see picture below) on the benefits of economic history to economics.  I was really impressed by the level of debate and discussion - it was great to see so many (200+) young minds thinking deeply about economics. Furthermore, it was great to see so many young economists thinking about the discipline and thinking about the discipline in a heterodox manner. A lot of pressure has come from students on the economics profession to change the economics curriculum and make it heterodox or pluralist. A similar society to the Glasgow Economic Forum, called the Post-Crash Economics Society , exists at the University of Manchester.