Olympics - the DB Debate

The 2012 London Olympics are nearly upon us.  As is to be expected, the government is prattling on about the economic benefits of the games and how the nation will become inspired to be healthier as a result of watching all those McDonald's adverts!  However, I want to focus on something more important than this - the GB football team.  

Stuart Pearce is not the most astute manager in the world.  He has already made two political / marketing blunders.  Firstly, he hasn't picked one player from either Scotland or N. Ireland.  Secondly, and more importantly, he hasn't picked David Beckham.  Beckham should have been picked purely for marketing  / promotional reasons.  In addition, however, his experience and ability would have come in useful for team GB.  Beckham was player of the season last year when LA Galaxy won the MLS, and he still has the ability to score amazing goals as the video clip below from a recent match demonstrates.


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