Less Mathematics and More Economics

I love hearing from past students.  This time last year I met up with David Symington (BSc Finance '07 class) for breakfast at Harvard Business School.  David has recently completed an MA in International Economics, Emerging Markets & International Development at John Hopkins and is now on an ODI Fellowship in Zanzibar.

After reading some of my posts, David sent me this article on the dismal state of the dismal science -click here.  Coincidentally, David sent me this article the very day I heard of Mark Blaug's passing - obit here.  Blaug was a great historian of economic thought - he was horrified that modern courses in economics were obsessed with mathemathical training rather than reading the works of great economists such as Adam Smith or David Ricardo.  His Economic Theory in Retrospect should be read by all economists. 
Economic Theory in Retrospect

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