Will a 'Yes' Vote Result in a Scottish Banking Crisis?

In my new book Banking in Crisis, Scotland plays an important role in the rise and demise of British banking stability. For example, whenever England had a banking crisis in 1825 and wanted to redesign its banking system, it looked north and copied the Scottish banking system, which was renowned for its stability. Later crises, such as 1857 and 1878, had Scottish banks at their epicentre. More recently, two of the largest problem banks in 2008 were Scottish - the Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland.

So what will happen to Scottish banks if Scotland votes 'yes' on the 18th September?  Will depositors in Scottish banks withdraw their funds and move them south of the border in case Scotland is not able to keep the pound sterling or because of uncertainty about the Scottish currency? What will the Bank of England do if there is a run on Scottish banks in the event of a 'yes' vote?

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